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1. Do sit ups. Sit ups and crunches are the easiest and probably the most effective way to lose belly fat fast. You will achieve the desired results in no time. All fat is just stored energy. Therefore, in order to lose belly fat, you need to burn more calories than you consume. In order to get the best results, you need to do sit ups which are the single most effective exercise. They work on almost all body types.

2. Next, cut out the fried stuff. In order to get washboard abs, you need to cut out some kinds of foods. Fried foods will put on belly fat faster than any other kind of caloric intake. Fried foods mostly contain empty calories which are poor in nutrient value. They only provide you with calories which add to your belly fat.

3. Don’t snack between meals. Snacking is one of the best (or worst) ways to stack up that belly fat. And, late night eating is the worst kind of snacking. When you consume your calories during the day, you have a chance to burn them off. But, when you eat at night, you go to sleep and that food just sits in your stomach. Additionally, when you eat at night, you tend to engage in mindless snacking. You’ll start out with a whole bag of chips and after an hour of television, half is gone. When you snack, you are not being mindful of your food which leads you to have to say “I want to lose my belly fat.”


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